Testimonials mean the world to me, they get to the heart of the client experience and show an insight into birth with a doula. Read below about some of my clients' journeys into motherhood and fatherhood. It has been a true gift to serve each and every one of you.

Helen is quite simply a beautiful soul. Her love for families and birth is immediately apparent. As a labor and delivery nurse I had seen her in action with patients and heard many rave about her. The past few months I was finally able to experience her doula services personally at my own birth. She was an absolute gift. She came alongside me and not only supported and empowered me, but she did the same for my husband as he was by my side. Together they made the perfect duo to get me through my natural labor and successful VBAC. I felt I had the perfect team by my side and couldn’t be more grateful for her incredible doula-ing. Initially my husband didn’t understand why we needed a doula. After our birth experience, he now tells every expectant dad how they need a doula and points them to Helen!
— ♥️ Sarah and Jeremy, Baby H
To keep a long story short, my first labor and delivery was 37 hours long. I managed to labor naturally for 35 of those hours and ended up with an epidural only two hours before my daughter was born. Having a natural child birth was something that was very important to me, and I was disappointed that right at the very end I ended up being medicated. So when I became pregnant with my son I knew that I needed to do more research and more preparation in order to give myself the greatest chance of having the natural childbirth experience I truly hoped for. This is when I started reading more and more about the importance of Doulas. I was easily convinced that this was something my husband and I absolutely needed during our next childbirth experience. Enter Helen :) I was so confident that having her at my childbirth was going to make a world of difference and I was right on the money! When it came time to have my son having both my husband and Helen there was the most amazing experience. Experiencing the support of a woman who herself has had 5 natural childbirths made such a difference! She was so in tune with what I needed and when I needed it, things such as making sure I was hydrated, knowing the exact spot I needed pressure during contractions, helping coach me in my breathing, the things that I really needed in order to continue experiencing natural labor. I am so happy to report that I did indeed succeed in having the natural labor that I had wanted so much! I truly believe this is a testament to how awesome and beneficial it is having the support of both an amazing doula and loving partner, during one of the wildest rides there is. I sincerely recommend to any woman who is embarking on the journey of motherhood to really take the time to plan out and research the birth you want, look into the history of doulas, and all of the benefits there are to having an experienced woman at your side during your labor. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to have Helen at my son’s birth. I know my husband agrees wholeheartedly! They truly made an exceptional team.
— T, J, and Baby S
Helen, Words cannot express our gratitude for having you there with us through the birth of baby E. We are so thankful that you joined us and helped us to have such a wonderful journey bringing her into the world. Helping families is definitely your calling-you are such a natural. We feel like you are family. Thanks again!
— C, J, and Baby E
I will forever be grateful for the four hands on me this day. I will forever be grateful for the guidance of my wonderful doula, Helen and the way she brought me back to earth and guided my husband to comfort me in all the ways she knew how. I will be grateful for the continuing support she provided when I was whisked away to surgery after laboring naturally and instantly mourning the loss of my birth plan. I don’t know how any woman could make it through labor, natural or not without someone like this.
— Laura G
We loved having Helen helping us with my first pregnancy. She was willing to spend time with us prior to the birth and she even met our Bradley class instructor. It was a blessing to have her with us during our long, hard labor and birth. She was awesome! She endured nearly two days next to us in the hospital without sleep; not much more needed to be said... My mother was at the hospital with us and she does not speak English and was having a difficult time seeing me go through a long labor; even though there was a language barrier, Helen took the time to take care of my mother. I ended up having to have a cesarean and she was able to be with us in the operating room and hold our little bundle of joy when she was born (and she took some great pictures that we wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for her!). There’s definitely a connection between our family and Helen that we really enjoy having! She’ll always have a special place in our family. She’s a great doula and friend! :-) We would definitely recommend her!
— Karen and Kevin O
We had never heard of a doula before and my husband and I weren’t sure we needed one. After our friends had a fabulous natural birth experience with Helen at their side, I knew having Helen there for me was what I needed. My husband was not so sure.

Today if you asked my husband about having Helen at the birth he would tell you she was a lifesaver and such an awesome support to us. Helen was simply amazing. She was calm, therapeutic, and relaxed. She knew what I needed and gave me that “motherly” support without overly sympathizing. She was consistently so sweet and upbeat, her and my husband made an awesome duo and worked their tails off.

I truly believe that having Helen by my side made my natural birth such a different experience had she not been there. The work that a doula does is simply priceless. Even though I have only been around Helen for a few hours outside of my labor, she truly feels like family. I still text her with questions and keep in touch with her as she is such a kind and generous spirit and role model for me (plus who can resist that charming accent). I would genuinely recommend Helen to anyone who is expecting, especially (but not limited to) those planning a natural birth.
— Carly
She helped guide my husband and I through the hardest contractions and I felt like she knew exactly what I needed at each moment more than I did. she knew when I needed a cold rag on my head or when it would feel good to change positions. I felt like I barely needed to think because she was anticipating my next request. Things progressed quickly and she definitely contributed to that in my opinion! The doula experience exceeded our expectations. My husband and I really enjoyed getting to know Helen before the birth and she made the labor experience so much more enjoyable. She lifted a cloud of worry from us because I knew that she would tell us what was normal or not and she could also anticipate how I was feeling at any given stage of labor. The birth went much quicker than I expected, so that was great! She stuck around and made sure my son latched on and she knew when to give us space as well. Overall I had a wonderful experience and look forward to hiring Helen next time I’m pregnant!
— Kristen
We were so beyond blessed to have Helen to support us during the birth of our angel. Initially I was on the fence whether I wanted a doula or not but being a first time mom I figured it was a good idea because I wasn’t sure what to expect for labor, boy am I glad we had her!! We would have been lost and I would have had much more pain if it weren’t for Helen. She knew exactly what to do and when with the counter pressure, cold towels, making sure I was staying hydrated, and so much more. Her encouraging words made me know that I could do this and got me through each contraction. There is no way I would labor naturally again without Helen’s support, she was a true God send, we love her.
— Sarah B
We first met Helen in our natural childbirth class at CMC when I was pregnant with our son, Mateo, who is now 2.  We were instantly calmed by her warm spirit and quick smile.  After meeting with her, my husband and I didn’t hesitate for a minute in deciding to hire her as our doula - and it turns out our intuition was right.  I can’t tell you enough how instrumental she was in helping me to have the drug and intervention-free births I wanted for both our son (born November 2013) and our daughter (born October 2015).  Helen was as much of a support for my husband as she was for me.  She met with us before the births to develop a comprehensive birth plan and to make sure both of us were well-informed about the options (without being judgmental or pressuring whatsoever).  Both of my labors were 15+ hours and both started the evening (not the optimal time, of course!).  Helen came to our house in the wee hours of the morning both times and helped me get through those physically and mentally challenging hours at home (think lots of back rubs, hip squeezes, position changes, water bottle refills, etc.).  She was just as resourceful and supportive once we got to the hospital, and I am positive the midwives and nurses on duty were just as happy to have her in the room as we were.  She stepped in to help when my husband needed a break, but also knew when to sit back and let him help me.  Throughout both labors, she reassured me that what I was experiencing was normal, which allowed me to trust my body and let it do what it was designed to do.  After both births, she followed up with home visits to check on the babies and me and to answer questions, help with breastfeeding issues, etc.  She also did placenta encapsulation with my daughter’s birth, which I have been very happy with and would recommend to anyone.  (I’m still savoring the last of my magic pills!)  Helen continues to be a resource for me, not to mention a lifelong friend.  It’s obvious that she loves babies, loves the magic of childbirth, and loves helping others — making her, at least in our opinion, the perfect doula.
— Gretchen
She is absolutely wonderful. We felt so supported throughout our labor experience. Helen knew exactly what to do to help me relax and was hugely helpful to my husband, taking anxiety out of our experience. We highly, highly recommend Helen.
— Maria and Eric
It has been year since I gave birth to my son, Elliott. I look back on the day of his birth as one the most special events in my life. I believe that one of the things that made my birth experience so lovely was my doula, Helen. I was supposed to give birth at a birthing center, but I had to be transferred to a local hospital. I was concerned that I would not have the natural birth I wanted. Despite the hospital setting, Helen coached me through and I had the natural birth I wanted. I realized that it didn’t matter the location, it was the people involved that made my birth experience wonderful. I highly recommend Helen. She was attentive, caring, gentle and yet strong when I needed to her to be. She was very intuitive to my needs and fears. My husband appreciated her as much as I did. Helen showed him how to best help me, which allowed him to play an effective role in my son’s delivery. We are forever grateful to Helen for being a part of Elliott’s birth.
— Bekah F. (Aug., 2017)
I met Helen in the first trimester of my very first pregnancy. My husband and I were eagerly seeking somebody who could guide us through what was to us a scary, new experience and we found that exact guidance with Helen.
She loves every second of what she does and that passion is evident from the moment you meet her.

From the coaching of how to breath through contractions to her signature delivery room aromatherapy, she offered me a place of comfort and assurance in a very sterile hospital room. My husband was equally grateful for her presence, and what really speaks to her nature: the entire nurse and doctor staff adore her!

I’ve never felt like a “client” of Helen’s. Once you go through the experience with her, you’ll want to call her family, too.
— Brooke and Chad
I can not recommend Helen enough! After having a c-section with my first born I was determined to have a vbac for my second pregnancy and wanted extra support to ensure that my wishes were heard! I started searching for a doula and after chatting with Helen on the phone I knew she was a perfect fit. I was concerned for my husband when it came time for labor and delivery wanted to be sure that he was also taken care of so I could remain as calm as possible! Helen is a saint, she listens and understands to what you’re wanting and she knew what to do to help me through labor when I didn’t even know what I needed. I still remember the calming smell of the essential oil she had misting in my room, the dimming of the lights and quieting the beeping machines. She’s like a Mary Poppins; she rolls in with everything needed and is so reassuring without stepping over your wishes at anytime. After 12 hours and vomiting through labor she was there to welcome our baby girl all while documenting it through pictures that I didn’t even realize were being taken. I cannot thank her enough for empowering me and helping me have the birthing experience I desired while putting my husband at ease! If my husband would agree to a third baby (he said no 😉) I would book her right away as she is an integral part to the journey and most certainly will be remembered with love for being there for us!!
— Miriam & Will
Karen was an amazing doula. From the moment I met her, I could tell she was knowledgeable, confident and kind. She supported me through every aspect of my pregnancy and birth. She provided me with education, additional resources and round the clock support. When birthing time came, she eased my fears with her presence. She was my cheerleader and my advocate. She supported my husband and I both through labor and delivery and celebrated with us during the birth of our son. She took memorable pictures of us and even shared tears of happiness when my husband and I were about to welcome our son Earth-side. I admire Karen for her patience, optimism, and knowledge. She was just what we needed and I know God put her in our path for a reason. We are so grateful to Karen for all that she did for us during my pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum! I would recommend her one thousand times over! 
Most relaxing and best prenatal massage I’ve gotten - wish I would have seen her entire pregnancy! Thanks again
— Induction massage from our doula/massage therapist Angela
Even though I had a great team of midwives and nurses, I know I would not have achieved my goal of a vaginal birth without Karen as my doula. Because Karen is a former NICU nurse, Karen was able to help me understand how my labor was progressing and what the providers were thinking, in a way that the midwives and nurses did not have time for, so that I could be an active participant in decisions throughout labor and advocate for myself and my baby. She really gets to know her clients on a personal level, and she knew that praying with me during a difficult part of labor was exactly what I needed. Karen is a former La Leche League leader, and my baby latched quickly with Karen’s help. We were happily nursing in the delivery room well before hospital lactation arrived!
— Tess, Graham, and baby Violet

I am so grateful that I had Karen with me during the birth of my second child. I had a pretty medical birth with my first (it was a high risk pregnancy) and while it wasn't exactly a negative experience, I felt I had little control over what happened during labor and delivery. I wished that I had someone I could trust who would help me advocate for myself when I wasn't sure what I could push back on and what I needed to accept for medical reasons. 

Karen was exactly that for my second birth. She gave us tools to help decrease discomfort in the latter parts of my pregnancy. She served as a useful sounding board in the weeks leading up to the birth when I started to feel like my OBs weren't fully supportive of what I wanted. She was instrumental in helping me labor for over 24 hours at home before making it to the hospital just in time for my son to be born. She empowered me to trust that my body knew what to do when the nurses were telling me not to push until the doc arrived. Without her there supporting and advocating for me,  I am certain that I would have given in to a lot more than I was comfortable with (it's hard not to in the thick of everything! That's why doulas are invaluable!)

She provided us with incredible support without imposing which was the perfect balance for the birth I wanted. 

Jessica and Gian

Karen was a loving and knowledgeable support for our pregnancy and birth.  Every time we spoke on the phone I felt like I was chatting with a friend who made herself readily available day and night after signing our contract and even well after birth.  For every question or concern she had answers, ideas, strategies, and often research to support our needs. 

Her past doula experiences, love for continued learning, plus nursing background and being a mother herself made us feel totally at ease leading up to and during the birth of our son.  My husband said he felt supported by her too, she knew his comfort level and how he wanted to participate in the birth.  He was able to stay close to comfort me while Karen more closely watched the progression and offered encouragement to both of us. 

She stayed with is a after the birth to help with the first feeding and she felt like part of the family at that point.  Our relationship with her continued to strengthen after birth and we loved having her over for postpartum visits where she went above and beyond to help us work through some issues.  We are so thank full for Karen and welcome any chance to sing her praises so that others may experience the joy of having her on their birth team.
Kari, John, Jake and Colin


We LOVE Aussie Doula! She is seriously a family member to me now & I knew the minute I met her (after she came highly recommended to me by a friend & previous client of hers) that she was the right Doula for us & my husband who was initially skeptical about "needing" a Doula also loved her right away. We left our meeting with Helen & he said "You pay that woman whatever her fee is, I cannot go through this without her!" :) She was so helpful during my pregnancy & entire labor. She was in constant communication with my husband via text/phone while we chose to labor at home alone & promptly met us at the Birth Center as soon as we arrived. She is always very calm & professional, which I greatly appreciated & you can tell she is very experienced as well. She always made us feel comfortable & at ease. She was INVALUABLE when it came to a Hospital transfer that I decided to do & I never felt judged by her for one second for choosing to transfer. I knew Helen would have my back no matter what & she made us feel important & my feelings justified the entire time. She helped the hospital transfer go smoothly & her calming presence was reassuring for us the whole time. She also was very helpful with pain management (whatever she was doing squeezing my feet was alone worth everything we paid for her because I cannot describe how MUCH it helped during my later contractions!) Again, I simply do not have the words for how invaluable Helen was for us & how much we love her. HIRE. AUSSIE. DOULA :) Monica and Joey L

I can't recommend Helen enough! She was beyond supportive throughout the process. She put my mind at ease and answered all my questions with my birth plan. Throughout the birth process she was there to offer support before I even knew I needed it. She also SAVED the day when she talked to the charge nurse and sweet talked them to allow my mother and mother in law in the room with me. Something that meant so much to both of them as they had never experienced a birth other than their own, especially not a grandchild. She made it such a meaningful process and literally gave me strength throughout. Helen was worth every penny and more! Elly and Aaron K

I cannot imagine going through pregnancy, labor and postpartum without the amazing women from Aussie Doulas in my corner. I worked with Karen and she was nothing short of a God send. She was always quick to respond to my late night questions and calmed my fears as I neared 40 weeks. She assured me that my birth story would be beautiful. And she was right! Karen's calming presence, expertise and hip presses (of course) helped me achieve the unmedicated birth I hoped for. I'm so thankful for Aussie Doulas for making my birth such a great experience. My husband and I agree that they were an invaluable part of our birthing team. Amber B

Helen and team are both very professional and have warm bedside manner. Really appreciated working with Carley. They are people I trust to ask for nonmedical expertise (e.g. natural birth), which is important in holistic care when generally women are getting plenty of medical opinion through the hospital. I really appreciated the stretches we learned in the prenatal visit and having someone i knew and trusted who could quickly answer questions was better than the doctor's nurse line (e.g. sending photo, is this my mucus plug?). Having the additional support is worth its weight in gold just to assuage birthing anxiety.