What Is a Labor Doula?

A doulas role in your chidbirthing journey can be many and varied depending on the Doula and the role you want her to play. Primarily, she is there as a constant presence in the birthing journey along with you and your partner. If you want someone very hands on in your birth she will certainly fill that role for you, if you prefer your partner or husband to be the active participant, your doula will surely wait, and just be a quiet reassuring presence. However usually it is a wonderful loving team that your Doula will complete for you, being both a support to you and your husband. Doulas incorporate many natural elements into their repetoire. Physically, a doula's most important tool is her self. A good doula will have an intuitive skill of being able to sense when the mother is needing help in her laboring. Her hands and her knowledge of massage, position changes and pressure points can be invaluable tools to help a laboring mother.                                 

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So what is included in your birth package?

We are glad you here and we would love to share our wealth of knowledge concerning all things birth and baby. We feel that seeing as this is such a personal and intimate decision to find just the right person to join you on your birth journey, we like to start by having a one on one phone call to ask each other all the relevant questions and tell you a little about the Aussie Doula experience.

Originally Aussie Doula was just me, Helen Herzig. Over the years Aussie Doula has grown into a strong and thriving practice of hand picked doulas and practioners. I knew that as my practice grew, I would not be able to sustain the growth alone and knew that if I was to help more women here in Charlotte, I would need to train more women the Aussie Doula way. You will get the same level of personalized care from every one of our team whether it is me or one of my ‘Koala Crew”.

After the initial phone call with me, we will discuss based on availability and your preference, who you will meet with for a consultation. At this visit we will give you some resources for your pregnancy and birth and get to know each other a little more. If you feel ready we can put you on our calendar for your due date.

Labor Outcomes with A Doula Present

Visualization of Data reported on Evidenced Based Birth.

You will have access to us via text, email or phone for any questions along the way throughout your pregnancy, birth and the weeks after. If you are able to come to our monthly meetups we would love to have you join us as well as join our secret Facebook group called Hellie’s Bellies.

We will meet you in the comfort of your home for your comprehensive prenatal meeting at which time we will go over all the questions related to your labor and birthing time. By the end of this meeting we will have you excited and ready to meet your little one. Then we will help you prepare your birth wishes ready for the big day.

When you are in labor we will come to your home or meet you at your birthing place and help you to meet your baby knowing you have a great team in yourself, baby, partner and doula. We will stay with you until breastfeeding has been established . within a few days to a few weeks we will come to you in your home and help with breastfeeding, newborn care or anything you need help with . We will also take pictures for you and present it to you in the form of a timeline video,which is assured to make you cry happy tears.

Then when you are all settled in to life we hope you will come join us at our moms group and meet your new mom community of Hellie’s Bellies.