Placenta Encapsulation


Here at Aussie Doula we practice the method of TCM which is the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of placenta encapsulation. You will receive placenta pills, a cord keepsake and a placenta tincture as part of your service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why encapsulate?

It does sound pretty woo woo to be consuming your placenta but when you see the benefits, you will be a believer as well. We have seen all of these benefits with our placenta clients and more. Most families are sad when there pills are finished so we know they find them very valuable.

See the blog for a list of the benefits of encapsulation.

What is the process?

We use the Traditional Chinese Method of encapsulation where the placenta is steamed with lemon and ginger and then dehydrated and ground to a fine powder. It is then placed into pill form for your consumption. It is done in our own placenta dedicated kitchen which is very assuring to our families who prefer not to have it done in their homes.

How many pills will i get?

The placenta size correlates to the babies size in most cases. The placenta yields between 100-200 pills. Most average around 130-160. You also will receive your umbilical cord keepsake in a decorative bag and your placenta tincture. This tincture will allow you the benefits of your pills long after your pills are consumed. This can be beneficial to both mother and child.