Hellie’s Bellies Moms Group

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What is Hellie’s Bellies?

Good question. Hellie’s Bellies is the name of our moms/mums group here in the Queen City. It started as a means to stay connected with our new parents after the birth of their little ones and after our postpartum visit was complete. I hated saying good bye after that visit, not knowing if I would see these families again until they called me when they were pregnant again. So out of my own desire to stay connected and knowing that a strong healthy community is so important to a new family, Hellie’s Bellies was born. Our first few meetups were maybe a half dozen moms and their newborns. Every month our numbers would grow and more friendships and connections were made.

Fast forward to now where we regularly have 20-30 moms come in whether they are pregnant or have a couple of littles in tow with them.

The group organically became a source for camaraderie, connecting with new friends and receiving education through the practitioners who share their knowledge with us each month. We have had chiropractors, lactation consultants, pediatricians, midwives, body workers, acupuncturists, speech pathologists, and so many more throughout the years. This is a completely free group to any of our parents who join our Aussie Doula family and you are welcome no matter how old your babies are. (Lifelong Connections) We would love to have you join us as our guest if you are considering joining our fabulous group of moms.

See our events page for more information on our next Hellie’s Bellie’s Meetup!

Just a few of our moms, doulas and babies.

Just a few of our moms, doulas and babies.