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Hellie's Bellies Meetup

At the Developmental Vision Center, Dr. Philip Bugaiski specializes in developmental optometry and vision therapy. "What's vision therapy?," many of you are probably thinking... "I didn't even know that was a thing!" Well, just like other muscles in the body, eye muscles can be strengthened and trained, and the brain can improve visual processing with practice! There are many vision problems that interfere with learning, including things like poor teamwork, difficulty focusing, inaccurate tracking, and visual processing problems that can interfere with attention to detail, memory, and sequencing. These problems have nothing to do with 20/20 eyesight, and are not associated with eye diseases. Many children are mislabeled as having ADD, behavior challenges, or learning disabilities when a visual problem is the root cause! And the good news is - it can be fixed! Vision therapists often work hand in hand with occupational therapists and speech therapists to help children reach their full potential.

Dr. B will teach you screening techniques and easy ways for parents and caregivers to create an environment that encourages good visual development. He will also take a peek at how your baby's eyes move, track, and focus. Go to www.thedvc.net to learn more about the DVC, Dr. B, and how vision therapy changes lives!

(Feel free to bring a yoga mat or blanket for your little one of carpet may be irritating)

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